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By: Robert H. Lescelius

(A chapter from the forthcoming book, The Revival Pulpit, published by Revival Literature, Asheville, NC)

     The September 11th tragedy had an interesting effect religiously on our nation. It presents a good case study of where America stands before God. There was a display of patriotism and religious expression. “God Bless America,” almost became our new national anthem. It was sung everywhere, even at the seventh inning stretch of baseball games. We saw TV productions around the song, and we witnessed the amazing sight of our congressmen and women singing it on the steps of the Capital. It was on billboards and bumper stickers.

“God Bless America!” The prayer expressed the desire that God protect and prosper the United States of America in the face of a new and formidable danger.

This religious and patriotic fervor didn’t last too long. Polls revealed that church attendance, for instance, returned to the pre-9/11 rate in the weeks after. Yet it could be said, even today, that Americans in general want God to bless America. Politicians still end their speeches with, “God bless America!”

What kind of blessing do we want? Generally, we can say that America wants the blessing of deliverance from the fear of weapons of mass destruction, hijacked airplanes and disrupted travel, vulnerability to terrorist intimidation, and a slumping economy. Positively, we would like to see America prospering economically and socially at home and the image of a triumphant America again recognized throughout the world. I would like to see these “blessings” myself. This is the blessing we want. But what is the blessing we really need? The greatest blessing America needs is spiritual. She needs a Spiritual Awakening.   Let us consider… (read more at this link God Bless America)

[i] This message was in the 2002 Grace Gazette.

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