“And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. And these words, which I command thee this day, shalt be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children…” (Deuteronomy 6:5-7)

Peachtree Baptist Academy Home School Program Provides:

A Helping Hand for Parents

PBA Home School Program Provides:

  • School transfer request forms

  • Application

  • New student placement tests

  • Curriculum Consultation

  • Academic Support

  • Permanent Record Keeping (transcripts)

  • Spring Standardized testing

  • Field Trips

  • Year-end report cards

  • Honors, College Prep, and Academic Diploma tracks

Home school children more often:

  • Score significantly higher on standardized tests than their public school peers.

  • Go to college.

  • Make above average scores on college entrance exams

  • Become outstanding citizens by participating in community service and voting.

Complete Control of Your Child’s Education

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to invest in your children, to direct them and be actively involved in their growth? Have you ever wanted to truly be in control of what your child learns? Home schooling provides all of these things and more.

“In 1981 an estimated 10,000 students were being home schooled. Estimates now run over 2 million. And there are those who say the trend is growing at about 15-20% a year. Most importantly studies consistently show home schooled students perform well academically and socially. Prestigious colleges and universities not only willingly accept such students but actively recruit them” (Price, 2005)

“My primary purpose as a mother is to protect my son so that he becomes firmly rooted in faith and family before I let the harsh elements of our culture take a shot at him…The goal is not to isolate him, but to prepare him by laying a proper foundation. I want to be the primary influence in his life, not our culture. I want God to be the center of his life.”
Former San Antonio News Anchor, Debora Daniels Albrecht

“But my goal isn’t to put pressure on parents, to warn them that if they fall down on this burden, God will get very angry. Instead we should understand that teaching our children is our delight, our joy, our opportunity. When we see spending time with them as a burden, rather than a joy, we see further evidence on how en-cultured we have become. Children, biblically speaking, are a blessing from God. And we ought to seek out time with blessings from God, not plot out ways to avoid them, or hand them over to others.” R.C. Sproul Jr., When you Rise Up-A Covenantal Approach to Homeschooling

How to Choose…

How do I choose the right home school options? at a 15-20% yearly increase, the rapid growth of home schooling is phenomenal. There are home-based educational options that go by dozens of names and cause great confusion to the lay person. If you are just starting down this path of home schooling here are a few basic versions of homeschooling.

Basic Home schooling

In this version of home schooling the parent chooses the curriculum from hundreds of choices, determines where the child should begin, handles all the paperwork, and must deal directly with the local school district submitting the necessary forms.

Home school Academies

This kind of Academy provides a higher level of support. The Academy helps diagnose where the child is academically, frees the parent by maintaining report cards and transcripts, gives your child social interaction through field trips or optional fine arts lessons, yet gives the parent the flexibility to choose their own curriculum.

Cyber Schools or Distance Learning

This type of school is usually computer or web based. However, they still try to enforce the “traditional” school mindset. Children are often require to sign on at a specified time each day and to conduct a specified number of work hours. Grades and transcripts are kept by these institutions as well. However, these programs often do not offer an 11th or 12th grade. Some parental freedoms are compromised in this version of home schooling.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you flexible with scheduling?
    Of course, the parent has the option of developing their own schedule to meet their particular family’s daily needs. If parents need help with their scheduling our staff and other “experienced” home school parents would love to help.
  2. Do your parents have a say in the choice of curriculum?
    Definitely, this is one of the reasons that we encourage home schooling. The parents should be the primary director of what the child is learning. We will give you assistance in the form of “consultation” regarding a good curriculum for your child based on your child’s individual needs.
  3. Do you offer fine arts activities?
    We offer optional musical lessons as well as art and other types of fine arts. These are available through other members of our home school academy, and any fees involved for these services will be paid directly to them.
  4. Do you provide academic support for families?
    Yes, our staff consists of several experienced educators with nearly 50 years combined educational experience. You may reach us with your questions through phone or email.
  5. Do you assist parents in complying with the home school laws in Georgia?
    Yes, we try to stay abreast of the legal requirements for home schoolers in our state. Our academy requires each home schooling family to abide by the regulations that the state of Georgia has set forth for home educators.
  6. Will my child suffer from not socializing with other children?
    It is proven by experience that the children who home school receive socialization that is “healthier, happier and more productive than the so called “socialization” that occurs in most traditional schools.
  7. Will my child’s education suffer by not being in a “traditional classroom”?
    First of all, the parent is now in charge of the child’s training, and has the ability to make sure that their child does not suffer an inadequate education. Secondly, traditional schools are organized to meet the needs of students across a wide range of abilities. Home education is the opposite; it meets the child’s individual needs.

How Can I contact You?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!
3867 Hwy 85
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Phone: 770-599-6888
Email: party-of-8@hotmail.com

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