About Georgia Baptist College & Theological Seminary

Our Beginning

In the fall of 1980, God used Dr. David Dickerson to lead the congregation of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church in Fairburn, Georgia, to establish a Bible college and theological seminary. Founded upon the principle of ‘earnestly contending for the faith”, Georgia Baptist College remains committed to the task of training Christian men and women spiritually and academically for Christian service.

The burden of Pastor Dickerson has been to develop a Bible college for the glory of God with an emphasis upon revival, prayer, doctrine, and academics. God has led other academically qualified professors from various graduate schools and seminaries across the nation to share this burden. As you seek God’s direction for your life, we invite you to consider Georgia Baptist College as a place to prepare for the Lord’s ministry.

Our Philosophy

The educational philosophy of Georgia Baptist College is theistic rather than humanistic. Since all wisdom begins with the only wise God of the Holy Bible, education is to be based upon the Bible; centered around Jesus Christ; controlled by the Holy Spirit; related to the pupil; and socially applied. Learning is achieved through faculty lectures, discussions, student research, and practice. Only professing Christians are accepted as faculty members, instructors, and students. Georgia Baptist College is a member of the American Federation of Christian Colleges and Schools. We have not sought accreditation by any secular accrediting association. Most accrediting agencies are humanistic rather than theistic in philosophy. It is our desire to have the approval of the Lord Jesus and His Church rather than the approval of the world.

Because it is our desire to please the Lord Jesus Christ and His church, we are committed to both academic and spiritual excellence. To avoid government interference with the church ministries, Georgia Baptist College does not receive any state or federal funding. It is funded by tuitions, individual grants, and gifts from supporting churches and individuals from around the world.

Because Georgia Baptist College is under the direct control of Peachtree Baptist Church and uses her facilities, it lives as long as it serves Baptist churches. If Georgia Baptist College ceases to be a conservative Bible-believing and teaching institution, it will cease to exist.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Georgia Baptist College is to train Christian leaders and workers academically and spiritually for their place of service at home and abroad. GBC students are primarily interested in preparing as pastors, missionaries, evangelists, Biblical counselors, Christian day school teachers, and Christian educational directors.

Our responsibility is to fulfill the Biblical command to commit sound doctrine ‘to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also’ (2 Timothy 2:2) at the various levels of society.